Check List

Moving Out of Town ?

  • Make sure to have all important documentation on you. This is documentation that you wouldn't want to lose such as passports, medical records, also any prescription you might need in case of an emergency.
  • Other than the documentation you might need in case of an emergency, you might also want to have the kids school records on hand just in case.
  • If you know anybody in the neighborhood that you are moving to, ask them to inform you of the good places to run daily errands. This small step will go far in helping you settle in to your new place.
  • Try taking care of these things before moving out of your current place. Mail forwarding with the post office and set up electricity and all other utilities so they are ready to go when you move in.
  • Carry extra cash on you just in case there isn't an easily accessable atm on the route that you will be traveling to your new place.
  • Make sure that pets and plants are properly transported in the proper ways.

When we decide to move, a number of factors are required to be kept in mind, so that the movement is hassle-free and successful. If the services of the moving company are hired, the work becomes simpler, as every small detail is taken care of by the moving company. In case the services of a moving company are not taken, then it becomes necessary that a checklist list be prepared. This checklist works as a reminder to the work that is required to be performed. A checklist is required to include all the factors that are worth considering, when you decide to move from one place to another. Checklist consists of a detailed record of all those items that require special consideration. After all your preparations related to the moving that is about to take place, you can refer to the checklist, so that you can keep a track of all the items that require special reminders and concentrations. Moving checklist is considered essential so that you do not miss out any essential item, and also keeps you updated about the progress of packing and the way all goods are arranged in the respective boxes.

Factors that are taken into account in a moving checklist

An ideal moving checklist will have a “move file” that shall be having a check on all the different amenities that are required when you decide to make a move. It shall have a receipt of all the information that is required when you will be moving from one place to another. There is another checklist that will be prepared containing a chart of the expenses. You can make contact with the local chamber of commerce. The checklist usually consists of a plan, of the new home, so that you can start deciding, about the manner in which the goods will be packed. The moving checklist shall also include a budget within which all matters are required to be settled. Moving checklists are usually prepared on weekly basis that gives a glimpse of the work that is to be performed, so that there are no last minute rushes. It is usually prepared on the basis of time span, such as two weeks before the move, a week before the move and on similar grounds.

Certain items are present in the moving checklist that requires special kind of attention. These can be emergency items such as stopping the services of milk and newspaper. This is required to be made in the last few days, as they are essential items, which cannot be stopped earlier. They can not also be continued for an indefinite period, and hence they form an important place in the checklist. Gas and electricity is also included in the checklist so that they are not left, as these are some of the most essential items. The professional movers’ prepare checklists best, as they can keep an account of all the items that require special attention before any move is made. In case you do not hire professional movers, it is the best to prepare the checklist as per the priority of the goods.